AdExpo launch

An integrated solution for Classified Ads & Job Offers

AdExpo (abbr. for ad exposure, ad exposition) was born from the idea of a group of Information Technology professionals with over 15 years experience in IT companies in Italy.
We have always been fascinated by the IT industry applied to the publishing world with particular attention to Classified Ads and Job Offers.

In the year 2002 was designed MercatinoAnnunci which is among the first free ads sites in Italy.The portal was immediately successful and today it has over 25,000 registered users.
You will find private ads as well as many job vacancies from qualified companies.

Some years later, in 2006, two international classified ads portals were launched: first with 146,000 registered users; few months later and portals which altogether count 111,000 registered users.

In 2009 it is the turn of another ads portal located in Italy, witch is specializes in real estate ads, cars, motorbikes and job offers with over 2,000 registered users and about 150,000 active ads.

The year 2012 is the turning point for job offers: on the wave of MercatinoAnnunci’s success we decide to launch, a vertical portal specialized in job ads.
The success is immediately tangible: within a few years hundreds of companies choose our platform for qualified staff seeking, now whe count 1000+ open job. By the end of 2016 the web platform is flanked by the mobile android app that currently has reached over 10.000 downloads.

In 2017 it is the turn of RomaLavora that collects job offers regarding the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital area. Information Technology, Business, Food & Tourism, Houseworks and Manpower are some of the working categories present on the portal.

Come back to visit us… new fascinating projects are at work!